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Petroleum Geo-Services
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Seismic Techniques

GeoStreamer GS has changed the principles of towed streamer seismic. Whereas conventional hydrophone-only streamer surveys were acquired with a variety of geometric configurations (e.g. swath/racetrack shooting, HD3D, multi-azimuth, wide-azimuth, rich-azimuth, full-azimuth), all associated datasets were contaminated with the source and receiver ghosts, penalizing low and high frequency content, and obscuring seismic signals from complex geology. GeoStreamer GS applied to appropriate survey templates now allows our customers to realize all the key goals of 3D and 4D seismic:


  • Complete illumination of the subsurface targets, even when penetration barriers exist in the overburden.
  • Recovery of the true earth response, including all low and high frequency signal information.
  • Unaliased 3D spatial sampling of the scattered seismic wavefield.
  • High fidelity, high resolution imaging of the subsurface.


Collectively, these benefits equate to high resolution reservoir delineation, robust reservoir characterization, and enhanced monitoring of small changes in reservoir state during hydrocarbon production.


Towed Streamer Seismic


Schematic illustration of a Ramform vessel towing a large GeoStreamer spread with deep towing depth. The flexibility and efficiency of PGS acquisition technology enables unrivalled survey opportunities and configurations.

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