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Petroleum Geo-Services
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The unique Ramform hull shape was originally based upon the Norwegian naval intelligence vessel Marjata.


A sinusoidal waterline allows stable motion behavior at the beam, the vast back deck is perfect for installing and towing various equipment and offers generous interior and instrument room capacity. PGS acquired the rights to the vessel design and launched Ramform Explorer in 1995, immediately smashing all 3D seismic performance and endurance records.



The unmistakable profile of the Ramform with its incomparably wide back deck. This is the ultimate platform for efficient and safe seismic operations in all conditions and environments.

A total of ten Ramform vessels are now in operation around the world.


The largest Ramform vessels (Ramform Titan and Ramform Atlas) each have 22 streamer capacity, and more power, flexibility and safer operations any other 3D seismic vessels. 


The Titan-class Ramform vessels have a 70 m beam and 24 reels. They are designed for safe and efficient operations in even the harshest of environments. Ramform Titan and Ramform Atlas were launched in 2013. A further two Titan-class Ramform vessels will be launched in 2015.


PGS is upgrading its full fleet to the GeoStreamer GS platform. Over 90% of the PGS fleet now has GeoStreamer. Conversion of source array technology to full GeoSource began in mid-2011. 


Video: The Ramform Titan-class



Video: The build of Ramform Sovereign


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