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Ramform Titan Class

The new Ramform Titan Class puts PGS further ahead as the leader in safe, productive and efficient 3D seismic acquisition.

Ramform AtlasThe latest version of the Ramform design, the Titan Class comprises a four-vessel newbuild program constructed at the Mitsubishi yard in Nagasaki, Japan.


These new vessels provide an enhancement of many established features. The design incorporates an array of new capacity for one single purpose - to collect maximum amounts of seismic data: quickly, safely and reliably.


The Ramform Titan (launced 2013) and Ramform Atlas (launced 2014) are designed to extract the full potential from the PGS flagship GeoStreamer® technology.


Why Ramform Titan



  • Increased working and storage space for safer operations
  • Stable capacity for over 6000 tons of fuel and seismic equipment
  • Automated back deck
  • 2 stern-launched workboats
  • Triple redundancy in propulsion
  • Fully separated engine rooms
  • 2 x 40 man lifeboats with Dacon scoop rescue system
  • 6 source array handling booms
  • 16 lead-in winches
  • 24 tow points
  • Significantly shorter deployment and rapid retrieval of in-sea equipment
  • Repair, maintenance and barnacle cleaning at sea without interupting production
  • 7.5 years between dry dockings



  • 24 x 12km max. capacity
  • 150 days endurance
  • Significantly upgraded GeoStreamer® based seismic package
  • 60 single berth, 10 double
  • 225 m2 sports hall, ball court, gym, theatres, TV / games rooms







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