GeoStreamer® technology provides subsurface images of greater clarity, accuracy and reliability. The streamer is towed deep, increasing the low-frequency signal content and its multisensor recordings allow the accurate removal of unwanted receiver ghost reflections. 

The future of seismic is about reliability, which requires more than simply producing crisp and clear seismic images.

Accurate data, rich in both low and high-frequency information, can be used to estimate acoustic properties such as impedance. This moves us a step closer to being able to discern the rock properties and fluid content of potential reservoirs. 

To achieve this, extremely detailed seismic velocity models are required which are typically produced by Full Waveform Inversion (FWI). GeoStreamer data, rich in reliable low-frequency information, is the ideal input to FWI.

As GeoStreamer deghosting is done by separating the recorded wavefield, it also permits a number of innovative imaging techniques. The technology has been in operation since 2007.

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Recent case studies using GeoStreamer data