Company Structure

PGS is organized in four business areas that operate worldwide to deliver clear and unambiguous images of the subsurface


Company Structure

Oil and gas companies use our data in their search for new reserves and to produce efficiently from existing reservoirs. 

Marine Contract
concerns itself with sale of marine seismic data under exclusive contracts. This is a key business area for PGS with a long tradition. The division is headed by Executive Vice President Magne Reiersgard. In this business area PGS acquires seismic or EM data exclusively for one or more clients. The clients own the data. Customers, typically oil and gas companies or governments globally, use the data to interpret the subsurface in order to find hydrocarbons and to help optimize the production of existing resources. Our new acquisition technologies, Towed Streamer EM and the permanent reservoir monitoring solution PGS OptoSeis®, are also part of this business area.

MultiClient manages the PGS seismic data library, one of the largest and most geographically diverse in the industry. PGS offers a range of commercial models for data licensing, designed to suit the exploration objectives and ambitions of any oil company. MultiClient is headed by Executive Vice President Sverre Strandenes. The PGS data library covers all major oil and gas basins, and comprises more than 720 000 sq. km of 3D data, one third of which is GeoStreamer 3D data. In addition, PGS has over 625 000 line kilometers of 2D seismic, almost 60% of it GeoStreamer data.

PGS MegaSurveys integrate multiple data sets - owned by PGS and publicly available data - into a single contiguous download. These offer unique big-picture insight of basin-wide prospectivity and regional modeling studies.  Reservoir is an important part of the MultiClient business area, supporting the planning of new surveys, as well as enriching our data library with interpretation and reservoir characterization services. We also market these services externally.

Operations provides dedicated management of the PGS fleet, including day-to-day operation, vessel resource planning and fleet renewal strategies. This unit supplies both Marine Contract and MultiClient with high-quality seismic vessel capacity. PGS has a reputation within the industry for reliable and efficient operation, skilled and experienced manpower.

Imaging & Engineering covers a range of technical disciplines whose combined mission is to provide PGS clients with the clearest and most accurate images of the subsurface. It comprises two sub-areas: Imaging, and Geoscience & Engineering.

Imaging provides a full range of processing, advanced imaging, and reservoir-related processing services. In addition to a growing external customers base, this unit works hand-in-hand with Operations and MultiClient, to prepare and add value to the PGS library data and regional Mega Surveys.

Geoscience & Engineering is responsible for technology development and deployment, and has global responsibility for research and development, as well as geophysical support to Operations.