Committee Members

The Nomination Committee currently has three members:

Roger O'Neil  (Chairperson)

Roger O'Neil has been involved in the international oil industry for 40 years where he held various executive positions in Mobil Corporation Inc. and Statoil ASA. He also served as an advisor to a London investment bank and as a consultant to the World Bank on energy matters. He has extensive experience as a Board member of public companies in the UK, Singapore and Norway. He has been on the PGS Nomination Committee since 2005.

C. Maury Devine

C. Maury Devine served as President and Managing Director of ExxonMobil Corporation's Norwegian affiliate, ExxonMobil Norway, Inc., and has held other senior positions with the company internationally. Ms. Devine has also held various positions in United States government including positions at the White House and the U.S. Department of Justice. Ms. Devine has experience as a board member from several companies and institutions both in Norway and the US. She has been on the PGS Nomination Committee since 2005.

Terje Valebjørg 

Mr. Valebjørg is an independent consultant. Until November 2014 he spent 37 years with ExxonMobil, in various managerial staff positions and across several business units within the ExxonMobil Group in Norway and internationally. From 2004 to retirement in 2014 he was the Group CFO for operations in the Nordic countries and also served as chairperson of the boards of ExxonMobil's various Nordic corporate entities. Mr. Valebjørg holds an MBA from St. Gallen Business School, Switzerland..

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