April 2014
PGS Towed Streamer EM voted best new geoscience technology
January 2014
PGS launches Ramform Atlas
November 2013
TRITON full azimuth GeoStreamer® survey commences in Gulf of Mexico
September 2013
Simultaneous acquisition of 3500 km towed streamer EM and 2D GeoStreamer seismic completed offshore Ireland
April 2013
PGS launches Ramform Titan: the ultimate seismic acquisition platform
November 2012
10-year agreement signed with NAMCOR for acquisition of 2D and 3D MultiClient seismic offshore Namibia.
November 2011
PGS enters into a million kroner agreement with The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters to support mathematics initiatives in Norway and Africa.
May 2011
Launch of GeoStreamer GS 
Announcement of towed streamer EM solution.
February 2011
PGS order two new Ramforms from Mitsubishi Japan. The Titan-class Ramform is unveiled.
June 2010
PGS and Shell announce Fibre Optic breakthrough for land seismic.
Petrobras choose PGS OptoSeis® permanent monitoring for Jubarte.
April 2010
PGS Apollo joins the fleet
December 2009
PGS sells Onshore to Geokinetics
July 2009
Ramform Sterling is launched
August - October 2009
World's first 3D seismic survey in the Arctic, acquired using GeoStreamer technology.
March 2009
First 3D GeoStreamer survey completed at De Soto Canyon, Gulf of Mexico
October 2008
Ramform Sovereign sets new high density industry record towing 14 streamers, each 8 km long, with 50 meter separation.
May 2008
Ramform Sovereign sets new industry record towing 17 streamers
March 2008
Ramform Sovereign is launched in Ålesund, Norway
November 2007
PGS acquires Arrow Seismic
October 2007
Acquisition of depth imaging specialist Applied Geophysical Services (AGS)
June 2007
GeoStreamer dual sensor broadband seismic is launched at EAGE to enormous market interest
May 2007
Agreement signed with Japanese government for 3-year cooperative program
June 2006
Demerger of Petrojarl completed. PGS is once again a dedicated geophysical service company
March 2006
PGS announces plan to build the next generation of Ramform ships
December 2005
Full refinancing complete
Nov 2005
Ramform Vanguard performs world's largest Multi-Azimuth project offshore Egypt
November 2003
PGS appoints new Board of Directors
November 2003
PGS emerges from Ch 11
July 2003
Chapter 11 filing
September 2002
PGS appoints new Board of Directors
September 2002
PGS completes world's first commercial Multi-Azimuth (MAZ) survey at Varg
August 2002
Pertra becomes operator on Varg Field
April 2001
Ramform Victory tows the world's first 16 streamer spread
January 2000
PGS awarded industry's 2nd largest onshore seismic contract for Saudi Aramco
July 1999
A third FPSO Petrojarl Varg is bought from Saga Petroleum
August 1998
Production Services business Atlantic Power, is acquired. PGS enters a new business area in worldwide offshore production asset management.
October 1997
PGS Production is formed with acquisition of Golar-Nor and FPSOs Petrojarl I and Petrojarl Foinaven FPSO
April 1997
PGS is listed on New York Stock Exchange
May 1995
Ramform Explorer is launched
May 1994
Acquisition of ERC - reservoir consultancy group
July 1993
Acquisition of Tensor Inc. specialists in 3D processing and depth imaging - ushers PGS' expansion into the data processing field
May 1993
Initial public offering in the United States
August 1992
PGS is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange
August 1991
PGS is registered on the Norwegian companies register. Geoteam and Precision Seismic merge to form Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS). The company vision is to provide the most efficient acquisition of 3D marine seismic data.