Congo: Marine XX 3D GeoStreamer Seismic Available Now

Fast-track data from this new survey is available now. The full integrity data will be delivered in December in time for the licensing round bid submissions.

This new long offset GeoStreamer® survey covers more than 2 900 sq. km over the open block Marine XX which is included in the Congo License Round.

Designed to image 3 key plays:

  1. Miocene channels (proven play)
  2. Albian/Cenomanian (Sendji) carbonates (proven play)
  3. Presalt (proven but under-explored)

The presalt is under-explored in this area and represents an exciting new play opportunity aligned to exploration efforts in Gabon, Congo and Angola.

Marine XX fast-track PSTM and PSDM volumes give greater insight to the presalt than previous data. The fast-track data is available for a limited period. From mid-December only the full integrity data will be available for licensing.

New acquisition with fast-track PSDM data available nowFast-track PSDM and PSTM data available now

Fast Track BEAM PSDM Data (7.5km max. offset)Fast-track BEAM PSDM Data (7.5 km max. offset)