PGS Access™ West Africa – more than just datasets

PGS is developing a series of uniquely integrated, high-value studies to better delineate the architecture, geology and prospectivity of key basins.

For PGS Access™ West Africa datasets, seismic acquisition took place offshore Angola in 2011 and offshore Namibia in 2013. Both these sets of data were acquired using PGS' industry- leading GeoStreamer® dual-sensor towed streamer acquisition platform, and the 2013 survey also utilized PGS' proprietary GeoSource™ technology.

The deliverables for PGS Access™ West Africa datasets include Reservoir AVO and inversion, gravity and magnetics, regional geological interpretation, and GeoStreamer® and GeoStreamer with GeoSource™ 2D data. PGS Access™ West Africa datasets are designed to provide workstation-ready, high-value datasets that will deliver a regional understanding at a low cost entry point.

Coverage for PGS Access™ West Africa datasets (Lines in red). Click to enlarge.Coverage for PGS Access™ West Africa datasets (Lines in red). 

GeoStreamer SeismicGeoStreamer Seismic


Reservoir AVO and InversionReservoir AVO and Inversion

 Regional interpretationRegional interpretation