South Africa: New Frontier 2D Seismic Available

New 2D GeoStreamer® data is now available across the frontier Outeniqua & West Bredasdorp Basins, including tie-lines connecting the two areas.

PGS has 6 218 km of new, high quality MultiClient 2D data available in the Outeniqua and West Bredasdorp Basins offshore South Africa. This complements the existing 2D along the South African margin to provide 20 000 km of GeoStreamer data in one of the few true frontier regions.

Three tie-lines extend the coverage between the two basins, providing additional insight into possible petroleum systems at work in the region.

PGS has also conducted a number of G&G studies in this region highlighting potential prospectivity along the South African margin. These include gravity and magnetics, basin modeling and ongoing quantitative interpretation.

Broadband 2D dataset over South Africa's Outeniqua and Bredasdorp BasinsBroadband 2D dataset over South Africa's Outeniqua and West Bredasdorp Basins

Outeniqua Basin 2D GeoStreamer PSTMOuteniqua Basin 2D GeoStreamer PSTM