Look at 3rd Round Opportunities in Depth

With the 3rd Licensing Round officially opened, PGS endeavors to ensure optimal evaluation of the available blocks within a regional context. Our PSDM data enhances spectral content and resolves the challenges associated with Messinian evaporites in Cyprus.

Exciting potential offshore Cyprus
There can be no doubt with the Zohr and Aphrodite discoveries close-by that the blocks included in Cyprus' 3rd Licensing Round present exciting opportunities. PGS has believed in Cyprus' offshore potential from the outset, working in partnership with the Ministry to provide 2D and 3D MultiClient products to assist in the exploration and development of their offshore acreage. Our considerable experience both here and in other countries of the Eastern Mediterranean has made us a leader in exploration and imaging in this region.

Optimal Assessment
PGS' PSDM dataset in Lebanon has clearly shown the advantage of access to Pre-Stack Depth Migrated data in this region. Utilizing advances in processing technology and PGS Cairo's regional expertise in 2D Depth processing our new Cyprus 2D PSDM dataset (Fig.1) enhances spectral content and resolves challenges associated with Messinian evaporates (Fig.2).

Key facts:

  • 8 000 km of PSDM imaging covering all the license round blocks
  • Kirchhoff PSDM processing – available end May 2016
  • Beam PSDM processing – available June 2016


Ensure you have the very best imaging of Cypriot acreage to date prior to the closure of the round! 

For further details about all PGS products in Cyprus, to attend an upcoming event or arrange a data review please contact us at mcmiddleeast@pgs.com

More information on legacy data and interpretation products is available from the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism. Click here for Application Guidance Notes.

Fig.1: The map shows the regional grid of lines being reprocessed to PSDM for the round. The lines give good coverage of the available blocks and link the geology of Zohr and Aphrodite to areas of interest.


Fig. 2: Comparison examples of PSTM (top) data versus preliminary PSDM (bottom) imaging results show clear uplift.