Offshore Sabah Multi-Sensor 3D

This vast and expanding multi-sensor 3D MultiClient survey provides the best opportunity to unlock the petroleum potential of the enticingly prospective offshore Sabah province

This is the first MultiClient survey in Malaysia and it is set to be one of the largest in the world. A total 36 972 sq. km of high-resolution broadband 3D data is now available:

  • New data 31 039 sq. km multi-sensor broadband data acquired so far
  • Additional 5 933 sq. km reprocessed and merged legacy data 


Prospective Fold and Thrust Belt

The Sabah multi-sensor 3D data is ideal for both optimized infill development and exploring new opportunities alongside established plays in this exciting hydrocarbon habitat. Sabah has a proven petroleum system, within the Miocene-Pliocene fold and thrust belt, that is the location of numerous hydrocarbon discoveries and multiple producing fields.

The high-quality broadband seismic data shows the full complexity of the structures and reveals the seismic facies distribution with a level of detail that has never been seen before.

Sabah Trough and Dangerous Grounds

Discover the new exploration provinces of the Sabah Trough and Dangerous Grounds.

The high-quality broadband seismic images reveal, with rich clarity, the pre-rift and syn-rift sediments in multiple prospective basins. Basin opening carbonate and clastic plays are strikingly presented in 3D, offering a rare opportunity to observe complete petroleum systems, from deep-seated source rocks and migration pathways to potential reservoirs and competent seals. 

Sabah Map March 2018Coverage map Sabah Multi-Sensor 3D, March 2018


Sabah Play Types & Potential

Sabah (Multiple play types and stacked pay potential)Multiple play types and stacked pay potential offshore Sabah, after Jayawardane 2015

Carbonates in Sabah Trough

Sabah Multi-Sensor 3D Phase 2. Crossline PSTM TWT showing carbonate build-ups deposited above synrift sequences within the Sabah TroughSabah Multi-Sensor 3D Phase 2: crossline PSTM showing carbonate build-ups deposited above syn-rift sequences within the Sabah Trough



Sabah Multi-Sensor 3D Phase 1. Cut-away section showing synrifted clastics with potential source rocks and a short migration path to overlying Miocene carbonate build-upsSabah Multi-Sensor 3D Phase 1 3D section showing synrifted clastics with potential source rocks and a short migration path to overlying Miocene carbonate build-ups


Acquisition & Processing

Survey Summary
Type 3D GeoStreamer® 3D IsoMetrix*
Data acquisition 2016 2017
Data delivery 2017 2018
Vessels Ramform Sovereign Amazon Conqueror
In partnership PGS/TGS/WG/PETRONAS

* Mark of Schlumberger 

Acquisition Parameters
Number of streamers 12  14
Streamer length 8 100 m 8 100 m
Streamer separation 150 m 125 m
Number of sources 2
Source depth 7 m 7.5 m
Shot interval 16.67 m 25 m
Record length 10 sec 10 sec
Sample rate 2 ms 2 ms
Bin (acquisition) 6.25 x 25 m 6.25 x 15.625 m
Bin (processing) 12.5 x 12.5 m 12.5 x 12.5 m
Fold 81 81


Processing Deliverables
Processing flow SRME, Tau-P, PSTM, PSDM
Depth products PSDM gathers, angles
Time products PSTM gathers, angles
Velocity products Stacking, migration velocities
Optional extras Post-stack (time/depth) gathers and angles, gravity, interpretation, QI


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