Offshore Sabah Multi-Sensor 3D/2D

Designed to qualify reservoir distribution, unlock deeper play fairways, and reduce exploration risk.

The first MultiClient survey in Malaysia shows potential to be the world’s largest, and will bring together the latest in multi-sensor technology, reservoir imaging, and towed streamer electromagnetic technology, to unlock the potential offshore Sabah.

After years of canvassing by the Oil & Gas community, a data access model initiative is underway.  A dataset designed to stand the test of time, that will provide regional insight through to prospect identification, whilst unearthing variability in reservoir quality will be commercially available to the industry.

The consortium of PGS, TGS, and WesternGeco provide industry prowess in global experience, financial capability, and technology excellence to ensure the success on behalf of the Malaysian Petroleum Management division of PETRONAS, the owners of this industry changing pilot project for Malaysia.

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Survey summary Sabah East Sabah
Type 3D 2D (or 3D)
Multi-sensor GeoStreamer®/IsoMetrix* Q-Marine* + Towed EM
Size TBC sq. km TBC line km
Acquisition year 2016/2017 2016/2017
Completion of processing 2017/2018 2017/2018
Water depth 100 – 2 500 m 20 – 300 m
Vessels Titan/Tethys/Conqueror Vespucci

* Mark of Schlumberger 

Acquisition parameters Sabah East Sabah
Number of streamers 18 GeoStreamer®/14 IsoMetrix* 1 Q-Marine*, 1 EM
Streamer length 8 100 m 8 100 m
Streamer separation 100 m/100 m N/A
Shot interval 25 m 18.75 m
Record length 10 sec 10 sec (overlapping shot)
Source depth 8 m 6 m
Sample rate 2 ms 2 ms
Bin (acquisition) 6.25 x 25 m 6.25 m
Bin (processing) 12.5 x 12.5 m 6.25 m
Fold 80 186
Processing and deliverables Sabah East Sabah
Processing SRME, Tau-P, PreSTM, PreSDM SRME, Tau-P, PreSTM, PreSDM, 2DCubed
Depth producs PreSDM, PSDM Gathers, Angles PreSDM, PSDM Gathers, Angles
Time products PreSTM, PSTM Gathers, Angles PreSTM, PSTM Gathers, Angles
Velocity products Stacking, Migration velocities Stacking, Migration velocities
Additional products Gravity, Interpretation, QI Gravity,EM (Freq, Resistivity)


 Sabah:Sabah (Multiple play types and stacked pay potential)Multiple play types and stacked pay potential offshore Sabah, after Jayawardane 2015

East Sabah:

East Sabah (Potential for big gas East of Sabah in the Sulu Sea)Sandakan basin an attractive basin for future oil & gas exploration