Angola | License Rounds Focus on Namibe Basin for 2019 Bidding

New MultiClient GeoStreamer 3D data, 3D basin modeling study and PGS Access™ product support exploration of the Namibe Basin ahead of the opening of License Rounds.

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The newly formed ANGP (National Oil and Gas Agency) of Angola has announced License Rounds for onshore and offshore blocks.

According to Presidential Decree 52/19, which defines the general strategy for the allocation of Petroleum Concessions, the blocks will be awarded in the processes of public tender, restricted public tender and direct negotiation.

The license rounds will be held over a period of seven years, opening on 3 October 2019 and culminating in 2025; specific blocks and basins will be assigned to these license rounds and promotional Roadshow events will be held at international locations.

The Angola Namibe License Round will open on Thursday 3 October, 2019. Companies are invited to attend the upcoming roadshows that precede the opening of the License Round. If you have missed an event in your location and would like to know more, please contact PGS.

  • Luanda - Tuesday 3 September, 2019
  • Houston - Tuesday 10 September, 2019
  • London - Tuesday 17 September, 2019
  • Dubai - Monday 23 September, 2019

2019 License Round Block

In 2019, the State will offer by public tender blocks 10, 11, 12, 13, 27, 28, 29, 41 and 43 of the Namibe Basin. Blocks 30, 44, 45, 46 and 47 will be awarded by the process of direct negotiation which is expected to be concluded in 2019 (see Figure 1).

The PGS MultiClient seismic library provides excellent coverage of the offered blocks. Blocks 27, 28 & 29 in the Namibe Basin have 3D GeoStreamer coverage whilst all other blocks have 2D GeoStreamer coverage. For companies licensing these seismic datasets, additional geoscience studies are available to fast track geological understanding and de-risk petroleum systems and plays ahead of bid applications.

Angola LR new 860px.PNG
Figure 1. Block map showing the allocation of concessions offered in Licence Rounds

Namibe Basin Regional Source Rock Characterization and Petroleum Systems Modelling Study - PGS & IGI Ltd

This study consists of an evaluation of the potential source rocks in the SW African margin, followed by basin and petroleum systems modelling in the Namibe Basin, offshore southern Angola. It was carried out independently by IGI Ltd. to accompany the PGS 3D seismic dataset in the Namibe Basin (see Figure 2).

Figure 2. Example map from the Namibe Basin regional source rock characterization and petroleum systems modelling study

PGS Access West Africa™ - derisking the basins of Angola

PGS Access allows companies to compare tectonic architecture, deposition systems and basin models within a harmonized stratigraphic framework. The product includes a regional 2D database together with geoscience studies within a desktop application (see Figure 3).

Access Angola Map.png
Figure 3. The PGS MultiClient seismic library together with PGS Access™ Angola profiles in orange

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