Egypt | Depth Data and Enhanced Interpretation Project

We are updating our Egypt West Mediterranean Interpretation following completion of depth processing on our entire Egypt data library of 6 000 sq. km of 3D seismic and 37 500 km of 2D, including 22 000 km of long-offset GeoStreamer 2D data.

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Since 2016, PGS has conducted an integrated interpretation project together with EGAS, focused on the Egypt West Mediterranean Sea. Bounded to the south by the mature onshore Western Desert basins and to the east by the prolific Nile Delta cone, this frontier area covers approximately 80 000 sq. km and the PGS data library is an excellent place to start an evaluation of its hydrocarbon potential.

PGS data library offshore Egypt

The integrated interpretation project incorporated a number of elements, including seismic interpretation, basin modeling, gravity modeling, well analysis and a prospectivity study and lead identification.

Our 2018 dataset infills and extends the original 2016 2D grid, this dataset together with two reprocessed 3D seismic volumes have been added, and a significant number of wells are being incorporated to enhance and expand the original interpretation project. The update will include seismic tie lines (2018 MC2D) across to wells in the Nile Delta, as well as a local study of the hydrocarbon systems in the Onshore Western Desert area that are likely to extend into the west Egypt offshore region.

The Fully Integrated Egypt West Mediterranean Interpretation Report will be available to licence from Mid-2020. Early commitment is open and upgrades will be available for companies that have already licensed the 2016 report.

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Some elements of the 2016 interpretation project include gravity modeling, basin modeling and seismic interpretation. The update will include many more wells, 3D seismic, as well as an onshore Western Desert study.