Ghana | PGS Release First Data from MC3D Ghana Tano Basin

Fast-track 3D GeoStreamer data from the Ghana Tano Basin MultiClient seismic survey reveals Cretaceous targets and Afina-1X reservoir analogs.

wave imagewave image


Our 2019 GeoStreamer survey targets the Ghana Tano Basin, a transform margin exploration hot spot, providing the first-ever MultiClient 3D broadband data offshore Ghana.

The Upper Cretaceous play is the focus in the Tano Basin with deep marine stacked turbidite channel and fan complexes providing excellent reservoir potential in the Cenomanian, Turonian and Campanian. GeoStreamer data with FWI velocity model building and AVO compliant prestack data will allow explorers to significantly derisk deep water exploration in this prolific basin.

2.Ghana PSTM-dip-line-from-fast-track-data-final.jpg
Dip line from the Ghana Tano Basin 2019 PSTM fast track data highlighting syn-transform inversion structures and Upper Cretaceous stacked turbidite channel and fan complexes.

The survey took an integrated approach to acquisition and imaging of the Upper Cretaceous play, combining the benefits of GeoStreamer broadband technology and the latest imaging workflows. Down-dip reservoir analogs of the 2019 Afina-1X discovery are well imaged in the data.

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