Nigeria ǀ PGS MultiClient Library and the 2020 Marginal Fields Bid Round

The PGS Nigeria MultiClient data library provides excellent 2D and 3D seismic coverage over recently announced blocks in the 2020 Marginal Fields Bid Round.


wave imagewave image

PGS Multiclient Data Available for Evaluation of Blocks

The PGS MegaSurvey compliments offshore blocks of the recently announced 2020 Marginal Fields Bid Round, offering prospective block licensees the opportunity to integrate available horizon interpretation into block evaluations and gain an understanding of the prospectivity in key areas offshore.

Location of the Nigeria Marginal Fields Round 2020 blocks and the PGS MultiClient data library for Nigeria.


Extensive Data Coverage Provides Regional Understanding 

The PGS MultiClient library provides widespread data coverage over the inboard extensional province of the Niger Delta’s structural zones. Regional data gives a detailed overview of complex tectonics related to the Akata Shale Formation movement and diapirism. Reservoirs are primarily sandstones of the Eocene to Pliocene aged Agbada Formation. Potential traps are well imaged below the continental shelf with basin-ward dipping and counter regional growth faults both illuminated. Rollover anticlines with direct hydrocarbon indicators (DHIs) are also seen, indicating remaining potential in an area with a prolific exploration history.

PGS 3D seismic line over a block in the Nigeria Marginal Fields Round 2020 highlighting potential rotated fault block traps and shallow DHIs.


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