New PGS Data Package for 2020 Australian Offshore Opportunities

The recent Australian acreage release focuses heavily on the northwest shelf. PGS seismic data and studies provide excellent coverage for basin-scale evaluation, prospect analysis, and production planning of the opportunities on offer. This includes outputs of a recent collaboration with ION. 

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The Australia offshore acreage release for 2020 offers blocks across all the major northwest shelf basin structures. Understanding the basin-scale geological framework and the various play types that exist within each of the major basins can help exploration teams optimize their evaluation resources and pinpoint specific settings that best suit their exploration criteria.

“PGS is uniquely placed to support exploration teams looking at Australia 2020 licensing opportunities, with the tools to support the work such as our comprehensive basin reviews and integrated seismic products across the entire Westralian Super-basin,” says Rick Irving PGS Country Manager for Australia.

PGS data for Australia 2020 offshore licensing opportunities
PGS MultiClient data for Australia 2020 offshore licensing opportunities, including ION 2D data.


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Specific areas PGS' excellent coverage across the offshore Australia 2020 acreage release are outlined on the pages below. Contact Rick Irving at to access further details, or to arrange a data show of tools to help your basin evaluation, focused prospect evaluation, and production planning.