Blocks W20-5 and W20-6 | Browse Basin MegaSurvey

Blocks W20-5 and W20-6 are situated over prospective Echuca Shoals, Vulcan, and Plover petroleum systems (Mesozoic age). The PGS Aurora MC3D survey provides good coverage over block W20-5, while W20-6 is covered by part of the Browse MegaSurvey.

wave imagewave image

The Aurora and Ichthys datasets were reprocessed in 2019, providing greatly enhanced imaging of the key horizons and fault systems. Improved results are provided by GeoStreamer broadband signal processing, cascaded 3D demultiple techniques, and Full waveform inversion.

  • Aurora MC3D covers over 70% of W20-5
  • Newly reprocessed with FWI and PSDM 
  • Multiple play types with a proven source

Including Caswell MC3D, this GeoStreamer PSDM volume covers over 18 500 sq. km. It provides a reliable and valuable resource that is great for prospectivity screening and ideal for inversion and other prestack reservoir characterization workflows.

Aurora MC3D PSDM
Aurora MC3D PSDM over W20-5


Block W20-6 is covered by part of the Browse MegaSurvey, nestled between the Aurora MC3D to the east, and the Caswell MC3D to the north. Reprocessing and integration with the GeoStreamer volumes are scheduled for 2021. We expect improved fault delineation at the Jurassic level and cleaner data with improved demultiple.

  • Browse MegaSurvey covers 70% of W20-6
  • Prospective acreage amongst fields under development
  • Reprocessing scheduled in 2021

Proven petroleum systems map well into this area with hydrocarbon expulsion modeling, suggesting that approximately 140 billion barrels have been expelled from the source rocks for the area. With existing accumulations within the basin accounting for less than 1% of this total, there is still very high potential for large future discoveries.

The Westralia Access and WestraliaSPAN data package is extremely valuable when a broader understanding of an area is needed, as it provides the ability to tap into the well data, velocity models, and key horizons at any point across the shelf.