Carnarvon Block W20-21 | Mawson 2019 PSDM

The release of block W20-21 coincides with the completion of the PSDM processing of the 2019 Mawson MC3D survey, which covers this block. Numerous Mungaroo Fm/Formation structural leads exist throughout the area and have been clearly imaged by the data.

wave imagewave image

A pinnacle reef complex encroaches on the W20-21 acreage and overlies numerous prospective closures. Great care was taken to ensure an accurate velocity model was produced to enhance the imaging beneath the pinnacle reef complex and provide confidence in the mapping of low relief structures.

This is a proven petroleum system with the Mungaroo formation providing the source, reservoir, and intra-formation seals. Trapping structures are commonly tilted fault blocks and associated drapes

Mawson MC3D PSDM over W20-21 
Mawson MC3D PSDM over W20-21