Data Scientists

Are you excited by DataOps, marine technology, data analytics, and cloud migration? At PGS, you will meet like-minded people with a passion for technology, innovation, and secure energy transition. Join us to source energy for today and tomorrow!

PGS company culture is friendly, open, and respectful, built on Norwegian values – but the workforce and markets are international. It is a combination that has attracted the sharpest minds from more than 60 nations. Future focus is more important than tradition at PGS – we constantly look ahead, as we develop the technological solutions of tomorrow.

PGS operates offshore worldwide and has offices in 14 different countries. Our HQ is in Oslo.

Our core values: dedicated, reliable, pioneer are also the words we use when describing our company and each other. The values, the culture, and the opportunity to make a difference on really challenging engineering projects are the reasons why get up in the morning and why we stay.

Seismic technology is essential to our current energy supply and will be key to new energy solutions at an industrial scale, allowing the world to move away from traditional sources. Will you join us?

Our employees tell us our values match who we are and how we work.

2 programmers working at night

PGS employees take pride in the quality of their own and their team’s output. You will find highly educated and competent colleagues in all departments. Hierarchies are small, doors are always open, and social activities occur on a regular basis.

Our down-to-earth culture is not the only thing that separates us from other companies. We are also the only seismic company that integrates a fleet with best-in-class technology, a world-leading data library, and an in-house R&D department. Combined, these foster greater understanding, and new solutions.


The energy landscape is changing – and it’s happening now

The energy business is still dependent on finding and producing traditional energy sources, but it’s an industry in transition and we are also developing solutions that can support new energy as the industry evolves, like subsurface mapping for carbon storage and anchoring sites for offshore wind farms. To achieve the UN’s climate goals, we will need to store captured carbon safely. There is no safer place than where it came from – under the ground. Seismic will be essential to identify suitable storage reservoirs and monitor that everything stays put once injected.

two programmers

Right now, we are moving seismic data to the cloud,  digitalizing our projects, and assessing partnerships that will allow us to deploy PGS’ geophysical capabilities in support of the energy transition. This is where you come in.

Are you dedicated and reliable, with an innovative mindset? Join our passionate team and utilize your skills to supply the world with energy!

We are looking for talented people to join teams in Oslo, Weybridge, and Houston. You’ll play an important role in building future energy solutions, one of the world’s most important industries, by applying your own ideas and knowledge of digitalization.

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