Geoscience, engineering, imaging or interpretation: Internships are a valuable way to learn about the different types of work we perform in the seismic industry. New internship opportunities are posted periodically on our vacant positions page. Candidates should apply online for positions that match their background.

You can also register your CV (or simply upload a file) and activate a Job Agent for internships to receive automatic email notification of new internships as they are posted.

Internship opportunities can take various forms:

  • Summer internships

Summer internships may be offered in one of our Imaging centers in Oslo, London or Houston.
The length of the internships varies, and typically they occur between June and September.

  • 6-12 months placements

Longer internships, up to a year, can be offered as part of a Master’s degree, or to allow the student to gain valuable work experience.

  • Support Master thesis

PGS supports a small group of MSc students each year. The form of support varies and can include providing access to seismic data, project supervision, or financial contributions.

  • PhD support 

PGS supports PhD projects through its Geoscience and Engineering unit.