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From the Oslo Office to Ramform Sovereign

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Dragica Tomova is an Imaging geophysicist who's usually based in Oslo. In 2023 she swapped the Oslo imaging center for the Ramform Sovereign, where she's working as an operations geophysicist on the latest extension of our Sarawak multisensor MC3D, a joint venture survey on behalf of the Sarawak partnership (PGS, TGS, and SLB).

"The workload is quite intense with numerous jobs to run, data to QC, and acquisition to keep up with, but it's been fascinating to be onboard during the acquisition and really interesting to observe the interaction between different departments, especially Ops Geo, Navigation, and Observers."

"Life onboard has been quite a change from the office," she says. "The time zone difference has been a challenge. The caring and sociable nature of everyone onboard has been one of the best parts, alongside the amazing sunsets from the helideck and the great food made by the catering crew onboard the Ramform Sovereign."