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Houston Team Volunteer for Thanksgiving

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PGS Houston Gives Back This Thanksgiving

Employees Support Local Community Through "Thanksgiving Back" Initiative

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and gratitude. For Thanksgiving 2023, the PGS team in Houston took the spirit of giving a step further with their "Thanksgiving Back" program. This employee-driven initiative aimed to support those in need within the local community. Led by the PGS Sustainability Network under the theme "Small actions for larger impact - Circular Economy," "Thanksgiving Back" provided employees with several ways to contribute.

The program offered opportunities to donate money, time, or even essential supplies for the local food bank. The response was overwhelming! Within just two weeks, the initiative collected enough donations to fill five boxes of essential items and raised over $500. Considering every $10 provides around 30 meals, this translates to a significant contribution to those facing food insecurity.

But "Thanksgiving Back" wasn't just about financial support. It was about rolling up sleeves and making a direct impact. On Friday, November 10th, a group of 17 dedicated PGS employees volunteered at the Houston Food Bank. Their mission? Creating food bags for students participating in the free or reduced lunch program. These vital programs ensure students have access to meals during the school week, but weekends can be a challenge. The Houston Food Bank, with the help of volunteers like the PGS team, fills this gap by providing weekend meals for students in need.

Working alongside other volunteers, the PGS Houston team packaged over 20 000 meals for school children in a single day. This exemplifies the remarkable work done by the Houston Food Bank and the power of community collaboration. The PGS employees not only made a direct difference in the lives of these children but also gained a rewarding experience.

 Our volunteers had a great experience, and we want to express our gratitude to the Houston Food Bank for all the work they do in the local community day-in-day-out, throughout the year.