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PGS Field Engineer Reaches Everest Summit

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On May 22 at 2:40 am, PGS Field Engineer Rune Hana reached the summit of Mount Everest, the sixth peak in his ambitious quest to climb the Seven Summits. This accomplishment serves as a powerful testament to his determination and ability to overcome personal challenges.

Rune, along with his girlfriend Cecilie, embarked on this project to demonstrate that overcoming obstacles is possible and that medical conditions shouldn't hinder dreams. Despite their team facing hurdles like asthma and type-1 diabetes, Rune's meticulous planning, years of rigorous training, and unwavering resolve paved the way for their success.

The photo below is from Rune at the summit before dawn. His team was the first to reach the top that morning. Items visible behind Rune in the picture are peace flags, which adorn all the Himalayan peaks, placed there by the Nepalese sherpas who honor the mountains as gods.

He emphasized his focus on safety as he made the final ascent, illuminated by a blood-red moon and surrounded by vast mountains that rose up through clouds concealing the valley below. “As we reached the south summit the wind picked up, the ridge before the Hillary step was at times scary and I was extremely careful to be sure I was always clipped in.” 

PGS is among the sponsors backing Rune's project and we are delighted to celebrate his achievement.

In granting a PGS sponsorship to the project last year, Rune Olav Pedersen wrote: 

“We appreciate your engagement and the opportunity to support you in reaching your goal. We are impressed by your ambition of climbing the 7 Summits while having health challenges such as asthma, and type 1 diabetes for your girlfriend. With your latest achievement of summitting Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world, we hope PGS’ contribution gets you closer to the top of Mount Everest next year.”