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PGS Imaging Interns - Putting the Theory Into Practice

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Meet Pauline Tarlier and Nicolas Meyer, our geophysics interns from EOST in Strasbourg. They've been bringing their expertise and enthusiasm to the table, and PGS has been thrilled to have them on board.

Pauline, a geophysics student, shared how much she's enjoyed the warm welcome she's received. "Moving to a new country can be tough," she admits, "but everyone at PGS has been incredibly friendly and supportive. It's made the transition much smoother and allowed me to focus on learning and applying my skills."  This welcoming environment is a huge advantage for interns like Pauline, especially when you have the transition to a new culture as well as a new workplace!

Nicolas, on the other hand, is diving headfirst into the innovative culture at PGS. His background in geophysical engineering has prepared him well for the challenges and opportunities he's encountered. "The environment here fosters continuous learning with stimulating challenges," he says. "[PGS] promotes dynamism, innovation, and collaboration, which has been a fantastic way to develop both personally and professionally." Nicolas has also appreciated the interdisciplinary collaboration which gives everyone at PGS the opportunity to learn and grow. 

Both interns mentioned that the biggest challenge they've faced is transitioning from the theoretical concepts learned in school to the practical application of seismic processing methods used in the industry. However, they view this challenge as a valuable learning experience. Pauline finds it particularly interesting to see how the theory translates to real-world data. "In school, the focus was heavily on the theoretical aspects of processing," she explains, "but here at PGS, I'm getting the chance to apply that theory to real data and see the results firsthand. It's been both challenging and rewarding."

Nicolas agrees, highlighting the development and application of new methods as a key takeaway from his internship. "It's pushed me to be more flexible and innovative in my approach to problem-solving," he says, "which are exactly the skills I want to develop in my career."

Well done to both Pauline and Nicolas during their internship at PGS. PGS wishes you both the best of luck in your future careers.