PGS will be attending this year's EAGE where we will be showcasing our existing and emerging service offerings such as PGS MC OnDemand and PGS Wind, among others. Our goal is to educate our customers about our Integrated Services Provider approach and promote all our service areas, including Acquisition, Imaging & Characterisation, and MultiClient business.

We look forward to meeting with old and new customers at the event to discuss potential business opportunities. We are particularly excited to highlight some cutting-edge services, such as GeoStreamer X and Beyond in the Norwegian Sea, Seismic Rejuvenation/Vision in the SNS region, and PGS Ultima for high-end imaging. We will also showcase our work in CCUS in the SNS region and PGS Wind using P-cable technology.

Stian Hegna (PGS), Ross Milne (AkerBP), Bjarte Foseide (Aker BP) | The acoustic wavefield generated by a vessel sailing over ocean bottom cables

Bagher Farmani, Marina Lesnes, Yash Pal | Multisensor noise attenuation with RIDNet

Øystein Korsmo, Andrew Pankov, Mark Ackers, Cyrille Reiser, Grunde Rønholt, Christian Haug Cock, Viggo Tjensvoll | Application of simultaneous inversion (FWI and nonlinear LS-RTM) for improved imaging

Andrew Long, Magnus Christiansen, Cerys James, Sverre Olsen | Mitigation of CO2 emissions from marine seismic surveys via drag reduction and digital transformation initiatives

Zbigniew Greplowski, Christian Otterbein, Pauline Convert, Mike Townsend, Noemie Pernin, Mariam Makar | Reprocessed reservoir optimized seismic supports understanding and development of PL586 Fenja field (North Sea)

Martin Widmaier, Carine Roalkvam, Okwudili Orji | Advanced high-resolution 3D streamer seismic acquisition solutions for new energy applications

Cyrille Reiser, Roberto Ruiz | Interactive rock physics atlas for CCS and near field exploration, a UK Southern North Sea case study

Guangui Huang, Sean Crawley, Ramzi Djebbi, Jaime Ramos-Martinez, Nizar Chemingui | Deep Learning Velocity Model Building using Fourier Neural Operators

Per Eivind Dhelie (Aker BP), Karen Dancer (DUG), Vidar Danielsen (Aker BP), Simen J. Støen (Aker BP), Nils Erik Bakke (Aker BP), Martin Widmaier (PGS), Carine Roalkvam3 (PGS), and Oliver Jones (DUG) | High resolution quad source acquisition and processing for improved imaging around the Wisting field, Barents Sea

Nicholas Montevecchi (OilCo), Yang Yang, Nizar Chemingui, Sriram Arasanipali | Prospectivity insights from simultaneous velocity and reflectivity inversion, offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Event Summary 

Organizer: EAGE

Dates: 5 - 8 June 

Location: Vienna 

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