Delivery Instructions

Deliveries to PGS (or a freight forwarder) must follow these instructions. Failure to comply with this procedure may result in the delivery being returned at the supplier’s risk and cost. We need your help to succeed. 

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Please read and comply with these instructions.

Download Delivery Instructions (PDF)

Guidelines for Delivery

1. The supplier must deliver in accordance with the instructions in the PGS purchase order (PO). Our PO will specify either a pick-up instruction or a delivery address, dependent on agreed delivery terms. Deliveries to a PGS vessel in transit must specify the vessel name as this is the end destination.

2. The shipment should contain all goods defined in the PO for that delivery. Part delivery is only allowed on approval by PGS procurement.

3. The goods delivered, and all delivery documentation should correspond exactly to PGS’ purchase order description.

If the PO specifies 100 bolts, then the order confirmation, packing slip, and invoice must also specify 100 bolts (not 1 packet of bolts).

Items ordered in whole units (packets, boxes, etc.) must be delivered in those units. 

Item numbers on the packing slip/invoice shall be the same as those given on the PO.

4. PO items must be packed according to industry standards, and clearly marked with the PO reference, vessel name, and department. Wooden packaging must follow ISPM15 regulations. The delivery must include two copies of the
commercial invoice/invoice/packing slip – one inside the package and one outside, plus a list of contents of the delivery identical to our PO / item numbers. The external packing slip must be waterproof.

5. Commercial invoice and packing slip should, at a minimum, include:

  • Manufacturer name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Part description in English
  • Quantity, value, gross weight, and net weight per line item
  • ECCN
  • EIN#
  • COO (country of origin)
  • Signature
  • Schedule B/HTS code

6. A copy of all documentation related to the delivery should be included inside each package included in the delivery. This may include a consignment note, pick-up address, number of packages (including the weight of each), and packing slip specifying the total value, certificates, declarations, and safety sheets. 

All documentation should be in English

7. The supplier shall provide the freight forwarder with all relevant shipping documentation necessary for collection: e.g. commercial invoice, invoice, weight, and dimensions of the shipment, number of packages, and collection address.

8. Dangerous goods must be packed separately and marked as such. A copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) must be enclosed.

9. Delivery shall take place at the agreed delivery time. Failure to deliver at the agreed delivery time may result in penalties related to increased costs of storage, extra resource use, or postponement of planned activities.

Mark deliveries according to PGS PO

View example PO and full delivery instructions (PDF)