Our Data to Clients Faster and Easier

PGS’ partnership with TGS and CGG on a shared MultiClient ecosystem for accessing subsurface data, is a new milestone in digital transformation for our industry.

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The independent cloud-based system will offer a single access point to all three companies’ MultiClient data libraries, allowing customers to find, visualize and download their subsurface assets and entitlements. This will also provide a shop window from which clients can identify surveys of interest. They will then be passed to each vendor’s environment for data visualization and further engagement. The MultiClient libraries will not be commercially combined.

This partnership is complementary to the PGS Solis initiative, for cloud-enabled MultiClient data access. PGS is cooperating with Cognite and Cognizant to develop this PGS-specific platform that will allow clients to directly access and act on PGS Multiclient data in the cloud or download it to their own environment.

Based on strong client interest, we expect to commercialize this initiative during the first half of 2021, by signing up customers for seismic data management as a service.