Environmental Compliance

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Strict environmental regulations and rigorous permitting precede any seismic project. These ensure that actual or potential environmental impacts are controlled and within limits that prevent any significant or long-term consequences.

Regardless of where we operate, compliance with all applicable national and regional legislation is part of our license to operate. We are committed to strict compliance with all environmental laws and regulations that apply to our activities and our goal is to have zero non-compliance incidents. We have implemented strict policies and procedures to manage our compliance obligations and ahead of any seismic survey our project teams ensure we have identified all applicable regulations and permit conditions and implemented these in our project plans.

During a seismic survey, our most significant impacts on the environment are emissions to air from the fuel we consume and emissions of underwater noise from the acoustic sources we use.

Our Performance

In 2021, there have been no significant non-compliances with environmental regulations. We had five minor breaches of permit requirements or local regulations. Each was promptly reported to the relevant authorities and resolved without any further action against PGS.

Actions, Progress, and Plans

  • Goal: Zero incidents of environmental non-compliance

In 2021, we strengthened our project execution model with a sustained focus on project risk assessment and planning. In 2022, we plan to strengthen our non-compliance reporting process and share learnings more broadly.