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Kwanza Basin - Angola - 2019

ANG Kwanza Shelf 3D GeoStreamer

Opportunities in Angola Kwanza Shelf Blocks 6, 7 and 8 revealed by new MultiClient GeoStreamer data
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The remaining hydrocarbon potential of the Kwanza Shelf is thought to be considerable and the area is witnessing a resurgence in exploration interest.
Past successes within the Kwanza Shelf include fields and discoveries with successful reservoirs in both the presalt and the postsalt. The shallow-water blocks of the Kwanza Shelf, which are presently open acreage, have been overlooked in recent exploration cycles.
In order to identify and unlock the under-explored presalt and postsalt plays of the Kwanza Shelf, modern MultiClient multi-sensor streamer data is used together with processing workflows tailored to the imaging challenges of shallow water.


Survey summary

  • Type: 3D
  • GeoStreamer
  • Geometry: Standard
  • Size: 8 304
  • Acquisition year: 2019
  • Completion of processing: 2019
  • Water depth: 30-1000 m
  • Shooting direction: 164/344
  • Vessel: Ramform Sovereign
  • In partnership with: ANPG

Acquisition parameters

  • Number of streamers: 12
  • Streamer length: 8 025 m
  • Streamer separation: 112.5 m
  • Shot interval: 16.667 m
  • Record length: 10 000 ms
  • Sample rate: 2 ms
  • Bin dimensions (Acquisition): 6.25x18.75 m
  • Bin dimensions (Processing): 12.5x12.5 m
  • Fold: 80


  • P-UP generation
  • Full source deghosting
  • 3D surface related multiple elimination (SRME)
  • Convolutional 3D SRME
  • Wave equation 3D SRME
  • High resolution radon demultiple
  • HyperTomo velocity model building
  • Full waveform inversion (FWI)
  • Kirchhoff prestack depth migration (PSDM)
  • Reverse time migration (RTM)
  • Beam depth migration
  • Separated wavefield imaging (SWIM)

Depth products

  • Final Kirchhoff PSDM stack
  • Final RTM PSDM stack
  • Final SWIM stack
  • PSDM gathers
  • Anisotropy and velocity models
  • Final Kirchhoff PSDM angle stacks

Additional products

  • Gravity
  • Magnetics
  • Interpretation