West Africa Transform Margin - Benin

BENIN MegaSurvey

Effective resource for regional evaluation and visualization of key plays and drilling opportunities
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Benin MegaSurvey covers over 4 300 sq. km of merged 3D data and over 7 400 km of matched 2D seismic data. The data includes a 3D prestack volume and processed operator well data for 34 wells. A regional interpretation with key horizons tied to released well data is also available.
The Benin Advanced Interpretation Package (AIP) integrates all available data to provide a robust prospectivity study to improve your understanding of the basin, by revealing overlooked plays and new derisked, ready-to-drill prospects on open acreage and farm-in opportunities.
MegaSurvey datasets are rebinned to a common grid and matched in time, phase and amplitude to produce a phase-balanced and uniformly scaled contiguous regional volume. Benin MegaSurvey is merged post-stack and forms part of the 3D West Africa Transform Margin MegaSurvey.


Survey summary

  • Type: MegaSurvey
  • Size: 4 369
  • Completion of processing: 2015
  • In partnership with: Government of Benin

Time products

  • Final Merged Stack

Additional products

  • Interpretation