Niger Delta offshore and onshore - Nigeria

NIGERIA MegaSurvey

Cost effective tool for regional evaluation and visualization of plays and migration paths
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The DPR/PGS Nigeria MegaSurvey covers over 72 000 sq. km and is an excellent seismic and interpretation package for placing field scale geological understanding into a basin-wide context, re-evaluate existing interests, and identify new prospects.
Dominant play systems comprise the Tertiary Akata marine shale Formation and the deltaic clastic sequence of Agbada Formation. Channel and basin-floor fan deposits of Agbada Formation are the primary reservoirs with sealing intra-formational shales and potential younger alluvial Benin Formation.


Survey summary

  • Type: MegaSurvey
  • Size: 72 000
  • Water depth: 0 - 3 300 m
  • In partnership with: DPR

Time products

  • Final Merged Stack

Additional products

  • Interpretation