Browse Basin - Australia

PURE 3D GeoStreamer

GeoStreamer PURE Browse Basin permits confident correlation of prospects with discovered fields
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This dataset provides 18 500 sq. km of high-quality merged GeoStreamer 3D data in the Caswell sub-basin. Delineation of the abundant prospectivity can help drive infrastructure lead exploration (ILX), with tie-back opportunities to existing facilities.
Opportunities exist in the surrounding area of the producing Ichthys-Prelude fields. Key discoveries covered by PURE are Crown, Argus, Lasseter, Basset West, Burnside, Concerto and Mimia. Many more undrilled prospects with excellent development potential have been identified on the data.
MultiClient 3D GeoStreamer data from Caswell, Ichthys and Aurora have been merged pre-stack and depth processed from field tapes using advanced imaging workflows including full-waveform inversion (FWI).


Survey summary

  • Type: 3D
  • GeoStreamer
  • Size: 18363 sq.km