Barents Sea

Barents Sea OMV0801 3D OMV1004 3D PGS14019 3D GeoStreamer SWNR13M 3D PGS15009 3D PGS15009 3D GeoStreamer ST14005 3D GeoStreamer PGS15011 2D GeoStreamer GBT2013 2D GeoStreamer PGS14250 3D BS2011 2D GeoStreamer WBGS2012 2D GeoStreamer Russian Barents Sea 2D Barents Sea MegaProject

The Barents Sea became a focus for exploration in the late 1960s, with discoveries in both Russia and Norway in early 80s. Norwegian authorities hold yearly license rounds. This area is considered highly prospective at several target depths, which makes GeoStreamer® true broadband technology uniquely suitable. Since 2013, PGS has added an additional layer of understanding with EM data, including simultaneously acquired GeoStreamer and EM.