Norwegian Barents Sea - Norway - 2018

PGS18004NBS 3D GeoStreamer (In Processing)

Ultra high-density GeoStreamer 3D in attractive APA acreage
Website Map for Survey PGS18004NBS
This project targets the Hammerfest Basin, an area that already produces hydrocarbons and is also highly relevant for exploration in the current and upcoming APA rounds.
Hammerfest Basin 3D survey area offers a good variety of play models in open APA acreage, ranging from mature near-field exploration in the center of the basin, to less tested play models along the flanks and up onto the Finnmark Platform
Acquired with an ultra-high-density 3D configuration with a 16 x 56.25 m x 7000 m setup. Three of the streamers are towed with 10 km offsets for optimized performance of full waveform inversion (FWI).


Survey summary

  • Type: 3D (In Processing)
  • GeoStreamer
  • Geometry: Other
  • Size: 4172
  • Acquisition year: 2018
  • Completion of processing: 2019
  • Shooting direction: 24.2
  • Vessel: Ramform Atlas
  • In partnership with: TGS
  • Alternate ID: Hammerfest Basin

Acquisition parameters

  • Number of streamers: 16
  • Streamer length: 7000 / 10000 m
  • Streamer separation: 56.2 m
  • Shot interval: 12.5 m
  • Record length: 9000 ms
  • Sample rate: 2000 ms
  • Bin dimensions (Acquisition): 6.25 x 9.375 m
  • Bin dimensions (Processing): 9.375 x 9.375 m
  • Fold: 92

Additional products

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