Mediterranean LEB Legacy Reprocessed 2D CYP Blk 11 3D MC3D-EGY20-BLOCK1 3D GeoStreamer MC3D-EGY21-BLOCK3 3D GeoStreamer MC3D-EGY20-BLOCK5 3D GeoStreamer MC3D-EGY20-BLOCK4 3D GeoStreamer MC3D-EGY20-BLOCK2 3D GeoStreamer CYP Blk 8 and 9 3D GeoStreamer CYP Blk 6 and 10 3D GeoStreamer ITA Sicily 2009 2D GeoStreamer EGY Reprocessed  3D Lebanon Vision 3D LEB 2008 2D GeoStreamer LEB 2011 2D GeoStreamer Cyprus Vision 3D GeoStreamer CYP 2006 2D CYP 2008 2D GeoStreamer EGY 2016 2D GeoStreamer EGY Reprocessed  2D EGY 2018 2D GeoStreamer GRE Reprocessed Legacy 2D GRE 2012 Reprocessed 2D GeoStreamer

The Middle East and North Africa have long been prolific producers of oil and gas. Offshore this is a frontier region, with recent discoveries and new play types, whose close proximity to European markets is a clear advantage. PGS has considerable data coverage in the Levant, Nile and Herodotus basins, and is a knowledgeable and reliable partner to governments and oil companies seeking to explore the region. We work closely with Greek, Cypriot, Lebanese and Egyptian governments.