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West Of Britain - UK/Ireland

AtlanticMargin MegaProject

Invaluable dataset for insight into the Atlantic Margin
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The PGS Atlantic Margin MegaProject covers the vast region west of Britain and Ireland, straddling the Porcupine Basin, Rockall Trough and various ‘perched basins’ (e.g. Slyne/Erris).The aim of the MegaProject aims to provide a fully QC’d, matched and merged regional interpretation package.
The region was subject to Permo-Triassic and Jurassic-Cretaceous rift phases, with Cretaceous and lower Eocene magmatism. Prospectivity is split into three areas: 1) Permo-Triassic on the perched basins; 2) Mesozoic in the Porcupine Basins; and 3) Paleocene turbidites in the northern Rockall Basin.
The fully matched and merged 2D and 3D Atlantic MegaProject provides the key data set to kick-start exploration in this exciting frontier area. It represents a regional tool for reconstructing the extent and distribution of the main structures and play types along the margin


Survey summary

  • Type: MegaProject
  • Size: 2 760 km