Mid Norway

Mid Norway GRANAT06 3D SOLE2002 2D NON2010 3D FH2006 3D MGW98R01 3D NH0508 2D SKH96 3D EW2003 3D HT2013R 3D SKHN99 3D RHD99 3D OLSE98-R01 3D WHH2002 3D FLES98 3D NNE2000 3D FS2000 3D MGS2002 3D DTW2000 3D NH0509 2D BG07M01 3D PGS19M03NWS 3D GeoStreamer VIC2010 2D GeoStreamer PGS17M05NWS 3D GeoStreamer PGS16004 3D GeoStreamer MS06 2D PGS18M05NWS 3D GeoStreamer PGS16005 3D GeoStreamer PGS19M02NWS 3D GeoStreamer PGS16909NWS 3D GeoStreamer MG2002 2D OLE2003 2D OV2003 2D MNR2006 2D PURE 3D GeoStreamer HDV2006 2D AMG11 2D GeoStreamer Norwegian Sea MegaSurvey Norwegian Sea MegaProject

The Norwegian Sea has been an important petroleum province since the discovery of Midgard (now part of Åsgard) in 1981, with yearly license rounds. Recent discoveries have proven its considerable continued potential. The subsurface geology is challenging to image. Since 2010 PGS has rolled out a high-resolution carpet of GeoStreamer® surveys in Mid-Norway, culminating in the GeoStreamer PURE survey, demonstrating how this unique technology is able to produce clearer subsurface images.