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Norwegian Sea MegaProject

Unique overview of the prolific hydrocarbon provinces in the region
Website Map for Survey MegaProject NorwegianSea 2012
Offshore mid Norway, this merged dataset combines more than 267 000 line km of publicly available 2D seismic and PGS 2D surveys, giving the best possible coverage for large scale screening.
The regional interpretation provides a unique insight into the prolific hydrocarbon provinces of the Vøring Basin, Møre Basin and the Trøndelag Platform.
Building on years of survey merging experience, PGS has developed a unique processing flow that combines and merges 2D surveys of differing vintages and quality into a coherent seamless dataset.


Survey summary

  • Type: MegaProject
  • Size: 267 000 km

Time products

  • Final Merged Stack

Additional products

  • Interpretation