Norwegian Sea - Norway

PGS18M05NWS 3D GeoStreamer

GeoStreamer PURE dataset ideal for exploration and development now available in the Norwegian Sea
Website Map for Survey PGS18M05NWS
Get a unique insight into the structural geology and petroleum system of the Norwegian Sea with this large scale GeoStreamer dataset. The survey comprises PGS15005, PGS14005, PGS14002, and HVG2013.
The main petroleum system is characterized by a Jurassic source rock, with individual Jurassic fluvial-deltaic to shallow marine sandstones and deep marine Cretaceous turbidites. Important fields and discoveries in this area comprise Skuld, Linerle, Skarv, Heidrun, Pil and Bue.
Coverage has been built up over several years of consistent acquisition using GeoStreamer technology. Earlier data vintages have been reprocessed and imaged in depth from original field data, using the same modern workflows to allow a unified interpretation approach through the entire volume.


Survey summary

  • Type: 3D
  • GeoStreamer
  • Size: 9338.6
  • Acquisition year: 2013-2015
  • Completion of processing: 2019
  • Reprocessing: Yes
  • Water depth: 98-240 / 250/400 m
  • Shooting direction: 297/117
  • Vessels: Ramform Atlas, Ramform Sovereign, Ramform Titan, Ramform Vanguard

Acquisition parameters

  • Number of streamers: 12-14
  • Streamer length: 7050-8100 m
  • Shot interval: 18.75 m
  • Record length: 7680 / 9216 ms
  • Sample rate: 2 ms
  • Bin dimensions (Acquisition): 6.25x18.75 m
  • Bin dimensions (Processing): 12.5x12.5 m
  • Fold: 100 / 94


  • P-UP generation
  • Full source deghosting
  • Full source and receiver deghosting (conventional data)
  • 3D surface related multiple elimination (SRME)
  • Convolutional 3D SRME
  • Wave equation 3D SRME
  • High resolution radon demultiple
  • Internal multiple attenuation
  • HyperTomo velocity model building
  • Kirchhoff prestack time migration (PSTM)
  • Kirchhoff prestack depth migration (PSDM)
  • Anisotropic Kirchhoff prestack time migration (PSTM)
  • Least squares imaging (WEI)
  • Poststack time migration
  • Post-migration image optimization

Depth products

  • Final Kirchhoff PSDM stack
  • PSDM gathers
  • Velocity model
  • Final Kirchhoff PSDM angle stacks
  • PSDM angle stacks

Time products

  • Final post-stack time migration
  • Final Kirchhoff PSTM Stack
  • PSTM gathers
  • Stacking velocity
  • Migration velocity
  • Angle stacks