Norwegian Sea - Norway - 2019

PGS19M03NWS 3D GeoStreamer

East Draugen area, close to existing infrastructure and an exciting exploration hub
Website Map for Survey PGS19M03NWS
The data will enable detection of thin Upper Jurassic reservoirs and mapping out small scale faults that could generate combination traps as well as influence the hydrocarbon migration into the area from the west. It will also provide insight into a deeper source rock and reservoir potential.
Primary plays include shallow marine and deltaic to open shelf deposits in the Upper Jurassic and Upper Triassic to Middle Jurassic. The main reservoir is the Rogn Fm sandstones charged and sealed by the Spekk Fm. Defined traps include structural anticlines, pinch-outs, and faults.
The 3D GeoStreamer survey was acquired with triple source to maximize data density. Integrated Complete Wavefield Imaging will allow detailed prospect evaluation and exploration for new plays. The superior AVO compliant dataset will be delivered ready for rigorous rock physics interrogations.


Survey summary

  • Type: 3D
  • GeoStreamer
  • Geometry: Standard
  • Size: 2654.8
  • Acquisition year: 2019
  • Completion of processing: 2020
  • Water depth: 200-300 m
  • Shooting direction: 0
  • Vessel: Ramform Vanguard

Acquisition parameters

  • Number of streamers: 12
  • Streamer length: 8000 m
  • Streamer separation: 93.8 m
  • Shot interval: 12.5 m
  • Record length: 9570 ms
  • Sample rate: 2 ms
  • Bin dimensions (Acquisition): 6.25 x 15.6 m
  • Bin dimensions (Processing): 12.5 x 12.5 m
  • Fold: 107


  • P-UP generation
  • Full source deghosting
  • 3D surface related multiple elimination (SRME)
  • Convolutional 3D SRME
  • Wave equation 3D SRME
  • High resolution radon demultiple
  • HyperTomo velocity model building
  • Full waveform inversion (FWI)
  • Kirchhoff prestack depth migration (PSDM)
  • Beam depth migration
  • Q-migration
  • Separated wavefield imaging (SWIM)
  • Anisotropic Kirchhoff prestack time migration (PSTM)

Depth products

  • Final Kirchhoff PSDM stack
  • Final beam PSDM stack
  • PSDM gathers
  • Anisotropy and velocity models
  • Velocity model
  • Final Kirchhoff PSDM angle stacks
  • Final beam PSDM angle stacks
  • PSDM angle stacks

Time products

  • Final post-stack time migration
  • Angle stack near
  • Angle stack mid
  • Angle stack far
  • Stacking velocity
  • Migration velocity