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Northern North Sea - Norway

NorthSea MegaProject

Matched and merged 2D dataset for unrivalled regional understanding
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The North Sea MegaProject contains stacked/migrated 2D seismic data and migrated 3D seismic data.
This is a regional dataset with several reservoir levels from Triassic to Late Cretaceous and Paleocene and where the main source rock is of Jurassic age.
All surveys were matched against intersecting surveys based on master PGS Norwegian North Sea MegaSurvey. The processing included RMS2000 scaling, time and phase correction. The data comes with velocity and interpretation. It is available in both Kingdom and Petrel format.


Survey summary

  • Type: MegaProject
  • Size: 107 629 km

Time products

  • Final Merged Stack

Additional products

  • Interpretation