Southern North Sea

Southern North Sea Q44-96 3D NL K-00 3D SOLE PIT SW EXT 3D Q49-98 3D NL E/18 3D NL QP-99 3D Q44-98 3D Q49-95 3D Q48 3D OBS Q48/49 3D NL F-01 3D Q49-99 3D Q49-96 3D E17 3D SCHOONER WEST 3D SOLE PIT 3D Q43-96 3D NL P5/P8 3D NL QE-99 3D SILVER PIT 3D SNS2013M 3D TRIDENT 3D SNS MegaSurveyPlus MNSG 2D GeoStreamer SNS MegaSurvey

The Southern Gas Basin has been producing from traditional play types for decades. Modern data, including GeoStreamer® acquisition on the mid North Sea High reveals significant potential for hydrocarbons and extends our knowledge to reveal new prospectivity on the northern margins of the gas basin. This is an area of focus for the Oil and Gas Authority in the 2016 frontier license round.