Southern North Sea - UK, Netherlands

SNS MegaSurvey

The definitive regional dataset for exploring the Southern North Sea
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The Southern North Sea developed through a complex history of basinal subsidence, punctuated by episodes of uplift and erosion. The prospectivity relies on the Carboniferous (reservoir and source). Deformed Zechstein salt forms the top seal to the main petroleum system and creates Triassic traps.
SNS MegaSurvey provides an invaluable tool to research regional sub- and supra-salt plays and characterize the existing discoveries.
The benefit of regional, fully migrated 3D data is the ability to obtain an improved and consistent regional geological perspective by tying wells to a common 3D data set plus the ability to obtain a regional interpretation and to identify prospects, plays and migration paths


Survey summary

  • Type: MegaSurvey
  • Size: 65 632
  • Completion of processing: 2015