West of Shetland

West of Shetland Q204-96 3D Laggan 3D WZ-98 3D TR 7 & 8 3D WOC-96 3D WZ-96/97 3D Q213-99 3D Q214 3D FSB2012 3D GeoStreamer FSB Vision 3D FSB MegaSurveyPlus FSB MegaSurvey CRRG 2D GeoStreamer CRRG-09/10/11 2D GeoStreamer

The Faroe Shetland Basin is an exploration hub with significant proven reserves and potential for further discoveries. High-quality reprocessed data combined with GeoStreamer broadband quality provide greater subsurface understanding. GeoStreamer images the volcanic systems that characterize this area with clarity and precision. The prolific West of Shetland frontier area continues to be important for the UKCS.