FSB2012 | PGS

Faroe Shetlands - UK - 2012

FSB2012 3D GeoStreamer®

Unprecedented resolution of intra- and sub-basalt stratigraphy
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Acquired in two seasons, this high quality broadband dataset provides 3D coverage across this key exploration region with excellent sub- and post-basalt imaging. Good pre-stack fidelity and provides coverage over the Cambo, Tornado & Suilven discoveries.
A major Cretaceous to early Paleogene rift event was followed by extensive volcanism in the latest Paleocene. The main reservoir units are Paleocene sub- and intra-basaltic sandstones along the NE-trending Rosebank structural trend, generated by inversion tectonics in the Eocene.
The MC3D-FSB2012 GeoStreamer dataset delivers an invaluable tool for sub-basalt interpretation. Thanks to a very high signal-to-noise ratio and a broad bandwidth, unprecedented resolution of the intra- and sub-basalt sand bodies can be observed and reliable elastic attributes can be extracted.


Survey summary

  • Type: 3D
  • GeoStreamer®
  • Geometry: Standard
  • Size: 2 662 sq.km
  • Acquisition year: 2012
  • Completion of processing: 2012
  • Water depth: 400/1200 m
  • Shooting direction: 0/180 90/270
  • Vessel: Ramform Viking
  • In partnership with: TGS
  • Alternate ID: MC3D-FSB2012

Acquisition parameters

  • Number of streamers: 12
  • Streamer length: 6 000 m
  • Streamer separation: 75 m
  • Shot interval: 18.75 m
  • Record length: 7.1 ms
  • Sample rate: 2 ms
  • Bin dimensions (Acquisition): 6.25 x 18.75 m
  • Bin dimensions (Processing): 12.5 x 18.75 m
  • Fold: 80


  • Dual Sensor Wave Field separation and P-UP generation
  • 3D Surface Related Multiple Elimination (SRME)
  • High Resolution Radon Demultiple
  • Anisotropic Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Time Migration (PSTM)

Time products

  • Final Kirchhoff PSTM Stack
  • Angle Stack Near
  • Angle Stack Mid
  • Angle Stack Far
  • Angle Stack UFar
  • PSTM Gathers
  • Stacking Velocity
  • Migration Velocity