MCS Colombia Pacifico Legacy | PGS

Colombia - 1973, 1982

MCS Colombia Pacifico Legacy 2D

These legacy MC2D infill lines complement more modern PGS seismic surveys to aid interpretation.
Vintage but insightful seismic coverage of Manglares/Tumaco Basin, Colombia Pacific offshore
Surface indications of oil and gas have been reported at numerous locations and a number of wells both onshore (12) and offshore (4) that have yielded gas shows, mainly from the Oligocene-Miocene section. The source rocks are of Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary age and are oil and gas prone.
Reprocessed from field data and interpreted


Survey summary

  • Type: 2D
  • Geometry: Standard
  • Size: 2470 km
  • Acquisition year: 1973, 1982
  • Completion of processing: 2009
  • Reprocessing: Yes
  • Shooting direction: Various
  • Vessel: Jonsson, Columbia, Geomar II
  • In partnership with: Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ANH) – Republic of Colombia

Acquisition parameters

  • Number of streamers: 1
  • Shot interval: 50 m
  • Record length: 6000, 7000 ms
  • Sample rate: 2 ms


  • 3D surface related multiple elimination (SRME)
  • Kirchhoff prestack time migration (PSTM)

Time products

  • Final Kirchhoff PSTM Stack
  • PSTM gathers
  • Stacking velocity
  • Migration velocity

Additional products

  • Demultiple Gathers