Onboard Geophysics

PGS provides onboard processing and imaging services from generation and validation of GeoStreamer® acquisition deliverables to full integrity processing stages and fast track-imaging.

Close collaboration in the instrument roomOnboard imaging workstations (bottom left) within the instrument room, facilitating close collaboration between acquisition and processing.

Onboard geophysical support contributes to the acquisition line acceptance process. This ensures efficient, reliable delivery of our products. Close collaboration is maintained with data acquisition experts in the instrument room. From here, online QC activities are established with clients and PGS offices around the world.

GeoStreamer data consists of hydrophone (pressure) and motion sensor (vertical velocity) records that enable wavefield separation. The main product that is systematically produced onboard is the P-UP data which is the up-going pressure wavefield, free of receiver ghosts.

In addition, fast-track products and full integrity processing sequences can be delivered after completion of the wavefield separation process. These include demultiple sequences and pre-stack time migration workflows.

Successful and rapid delivery is enabled by close interaction between the onshore imaging and acquisition teams, and the client. A broadband satellite connection for remote data interaction and viewing facilitates fast decision making.

Robust, high capacity onboard processing systems are installed throughout the PGS fleet. These are designed to meet peak processing demand equivalent to the acquisition rates of a Titan-class Ramform vessel.

High-end visualization systems onboard all our 3D vessels enable real-time manipulation of data and attribute cubes, attribute and event interpretation, and quality control of the processed data and velocity estimations.