hyperModel is a technology that automates Velocity Model Building (VMB) and can reduce the turnaround of the depth imaging VMB stage of a processing project.

PGS hyperModel uses a Monte Carlo simulation, in numerous passes, to create a velocity model. When creating a model with an inversion the solution is generally under determined as not all the information is known to constrain the result to a single, correct solution. With hyperModel, we iteratively and globally solve a population of randomly sampled models as part of an optimization problem. With a statistics-driven feedback loop we automate the model building.

Using a simulation with numerous models enables weight of statistics to contribute to the final answer, facilitating an automated and accurate iterative VMB process.

hyperModel Benefits

  • Automates velocity model building to achieve an accelerated project turnaround
  • Uses an optimized tomographic inversion to create a velocity model
  • Uses a large population of random models as part of a Monte Carlo optimization problem, where statistical weight constrains and assists with the model accuracy
  • Used directly in a depth migration, or in support of Full Waveform Inversion (FWI)