PGS Ultima

PGS Ultima is a simultaneous inversion. It is equivalent to performing full waveform inversion (FWI) and least-squares migration (LSM) in a single framework, using raw seismic data, and modeling of the full acoustic wavefield. It delivers an accurate velocity model and reliable amplitudes in an accelerated timeframe.

PGS Ultima Fundamentals

  • PGS Ultima builds simultaneously an estimate of the velocity model and reflectivity
  • The same raw seismic input data is used for the inversion
  • Leakage between model and reflectivity is eliminated using unique PGS imaging conditions, and implementations of the acoustic wave-equation
  • PGS Ultima is the equivalent of a simultaneous FWI and LSM
  • PGS Ultima use the full wavefield (refractions and reflections)

PGS Ultima Benefits

  • Generates an accurate FWI model using the full wavefield, reducing dependence upon very long offset acquisition
  • Simultaneously builds an accurate estimation of reflectivity using LSM
  • Uses the same raw seismic data, greatly accelerating the delivery of accurate velocity and seismic reflectivity products
  • Bypass time-consuming pre-migration processing steps
  • Suitable for streamer and OBN

PGS Ultima

PGS Ultima is a Breakthrough in Imaging

The main advantage of PGS Ultima is that an accurate model and reflectivity can be derived faster, as the simultaneous inversion resolves both using the same raw seismic data. PGS can bypass most processing steps in a seismic sequence because we use raw seismic data, and the evolution of the products support each other. Additionally, there is no leakage between parameters, so both products of the simultaneous inversion are not contaminated by each other, unlike many current industry approaches.

PGS Ultima uses the full seismic wavefield and can be used on any data; there are no limitations on acquisition geometries to get accurate and deep models, as the code uses reflections and refractions.

All in, PGS Ultima represents a step-change in seismic processing, enabling quicker delivery of the key products, allowing our customers more time to analyze the data and therefore reduce their risk in field exploration, development, or production.